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We make it easy for our guests. That was our idea and our target. That´s how the name came into being, which stands above everything and guides our daily actions and motivations.

Being a good host requires more than just furnishing a few apartments and then renting them successfully, that was our daily experience over the last couple of years. And every passing day teaches us more in contact, in handling and in organisation. We keep learning, what guests like. And what they don´t. Working with a motivated team and improving procedures. Renovating apartments or buying new ones, to match comfort and facilities with desires and needs of our guests, who are coming from all around the world. Yes indeed, now they come from all around the world.

That´s not always easy (we don´t speak for example Arabic, Hindi or Mandarin, at least not yet) but we are having fun.

We try to make it easy. Since over 10 years.

Marion, Walter und Klemens

Klemens Thalhammer
Front & back office, guest contact
+43 699 1666 08 00
Marion Hauser
Administration & guest contact
+43 699 1666 08 20
Walter Hauser
Founder of easyapartments
+43 699 1666 08 10
Katica Tesic
Organization and facility management

Organization of cleaning, laundry, key handovers and guest contact

+43 699 1666 08 40
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